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We realize that dog owners may want to breed their bitch, but do not have the facilities, time, or experience to give the litter the best possible start that we all want for our puppies. Classic Biewer Terrier's  is offering whelping/puppy care services to a limited number of pre-approved litters each year.  These litters will receive the same excellent start that all Classic Biewer Terrier puppies receive from birth until 5-6 weeks of age.  

If you have an emergency or just need a break, I can take mom and puppies for whatever timeframe you have in mind.
What to bring with you when dropping your bitch off:
Proof of current vaccinations.
Food that she is currently eating (Need 1 weeks worth so we can mix with the Purina ProPlan Sport All Stages and transition to this food)
Any supplements and medicine
Bedding or other item that belongs to her.
A standard whelp includes free feeding of dry food with supplements (Gestamate & calcium) to mom, frequent walks/breaks, helping mom nurse puppies every two hours, keeping mom safe and comfortable between nursing sessions, maintaining pristine conditions for all, and worming puppies.  Additional services include, but are not limited to, tube feeding, and  raw feeding.
Whelping Services do not include:
Litter Registation(s) (example AKC or UKC)
Buy/Sell agreement for pups and or marketing the sale of puppies
Veterinary assistance or well care in breeding, delivery, or post-delivery or health clearances for any pups or the Bitch.
Puppy Packets containing copies of applicable proof of clearances for sire and dam, titles or registrations on sire and dam, guarantees for pups
Additional Services and Expenses:Vet trip charge within a 20 mile radius and over 20 mile radius of our kennels. For a fee Microchip options are available using AKC Reunite’s chips.


We will keep you updated about your litter progress daily. With weight checks, feed amounts, and what's going & how they are progressing. 

We will provide all trips to the veterinarian but will be owner's financial responsibility. Puppies will be wormed at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks (depending on length of time that we are keeping  your litter).  If microchips are provided we will make sure those are inserted and documented correctly per puppy. 

We will take weekly pictures of the puppies and send them to you that you can use to market and use for your own selling of your litter. We can also arrange for professional photography of the litter at the owner's expense. 

We will provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for your bitch and litter and they will receive proper socialization while in our home. 

Please email me for pricing and availability. 

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